Gathering Houses near Disney

Gathering Houses near Disney · ChampionsGate, FL

Private Pools • Home Theaters • Gaming Rooms • 6-bedrooms • 6-bathrooms • Sleep 16 • Free WiFi • Two Minute Strolls to The Oasis Club • 15 Minute Drives to Disney World • Non-Smoking • No Pets

The Oasis Club at ChampionsGate, FL
Disney Springs Scenic Photo

3 Great Places You Must Take Your Camera Around Disney Springs • Florida

Posing in front of Cinderella’s Castle and riding Dumbo the Elephant are all anticipated photo opportunities when visiting Disney World, but you may be surprised to know there are many interesting and beautiful places at Disney Springs offering jaw-dropping beauty, larger than life scenes, and birds-eye views of the surrounding area.

Located on the Walt Disney World Resort property, Disney Springs is a themed entertainment center reflecting Florida’s charming waterfront towns, historic architecture, and natural beauty. The setting provides too-many-to-count photo opportunities and beautiful backdrops for family memories. Four distinct neighborhood, The Landing, Marketplace, West Side and Town Center, are built around bubbling springs. Parking and admission are FREE (Yippee!) and there are plenty of restaurants to keep your tummy happy while you’re checking out what’s around every corner. Non-photographers will enjoy all the shopping and people watching.

Photographer, Chad Sparkes captured the beautiful scene featured above. You’ll find this location and your own opportunity to photograph it in The Landing section of Disney Springs. At the nearby Boathouse, you might not believe your eyes! Amphibious cars that look like something out of James Bond are plunging paying riders into the lake for a water tour of Disney Springs. Photographs of you in one of these fun cars and of scenes that can only be found from your water mobile will sure to be favorites for sharing!

Characters in Flight, the world’s largest tethered helium balloon, soars 400 feet into the air and looks beautiful against the blue Florida sky. My last visit I spotted a hawk perched on the very top of the balloon. If he hadn’t moved, I would have thought he was part of the design. To get an idea of what the hawk could see, you could take a ride inside the balloon’s gondola and take all the birds-eye view photos you can fit into the 8-10 minute ride. The winds were too high for me to ride, so I opted to ride the elevator to the top of the Coca-Cola Rooftop Beverage Bar for a panoramic view of Disney Springs. Here’s a peek of the view taken with my iPhone. The blue balloon in the distance is the Characters in Flight balloon I mentioned. When the weather is more cooperative, the balloon will be seen high in the sky. I’m certain you fancy camera owners will capture stunning memories here. Timed just right, you can take daytime panoramic shots, sample Coca-Cola products from around the world, and then watch the sun set through your lens for an unforgettable experience.

Don’t forget capturing the fun and whimsicality of childhood! Chad Sparkes shows us how beautiful a Lego dragon can be posing in front of the springs in The Marketplace and captured the beautiful image of topiary Mickey between World of Disney and Basin. Disney periodically updates the scene with Mickey and during the holiday season, you may find Mickey with a Santa hat on! Your family will love posing with Mickey and you’ll enjoy your beautiful memories from a day at Disney Springs for a lifetime!

Lego Dragon Disney Springs


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