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Gathering Houses near Disney · ChampionsGate, FL

Private Pools • Home Theaters • Gaming Rooms • 6-bedrooms • 6-bathrooms • Sleep 16 • Free WiFi • Two Minute Strolls to The Oasis Club • 15 Minute Drives to Disney World • Non-Smoking • No Pets

The Oasis Club at ChampionsGate, FL
Rose Gold Minnie Mouse Ears

Rose Gold Minnie Mouse Ears All the Rage for Disney Fans

Minnie Mouse rocks dots and sparkly ears too! Rose Gold Minnie Mouse Ears are all the rage right now, but who can find them in the stores or at the parks? As soon as word gets out of them being in stock, stores sell out within days, if not hours! If you can find them at the Disney parks or on, expect to pay $24.99. For families with lots of Minnie lovers, a set of ears for everyone can really add up!

Charming Charlie stores have been rumored to have their own rose gold ears for $12 in stores only, not online. Availability is hit and miss, so you might want to call your local store to check inventory.

Another solution is to make your own. Kelly Jennette shows us in her video just how easy it is to make your own sparkly ears for a fraction of the cost. Wouldn’t it be fun to have a “girls’ night in”, making ears and plans for your next Disney trip? As Minnie says, “Oh, happy day!”


If you are DIY challenged, like me, here is a free pattern provided by She also has her own step-by-step tutorial for making Minnie Mouse ears in all colors.


I’ve heard rumors of the fabric being difficult to locate, so here is where I found rose gold sequined fabric:


If you make your own ears, or have any great sources for fabric, patterns, or instructions, I’d love for you to share! Add your photos and links here! Minnie will be so proud!

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