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Disney World Vacation Rental Kitchens

5 Guest Favorites in Disney World Vacation Rental Kitchens • Florida

Well-Appointed Kitchens Near Disney World Make Meal Time a Breeze

Well-stocked vacation rental home kitchens near Disney World mean families can eat-in, avoid the restaurant crowds and save money for Disney souvenirs and t-shirts. At Gathering Houses near Disney, our guests appreciate all that we provide to make preparing meals for a hungry family a snap! Here are their 5 most talked about items in reviews and texts to us.

Gathering Houses near Disney World Kitchen
Shine Gathering House kitchen
Gathering Houses near Disney World Kitchen
Sun Gathering House Kitchen


1. Variety of Spices

Guests rave about our rotating spice racks beside each stove. Their favorite family recipes are much easier and less expensive to prepare because spices are included in our vacation rental kitchens. Most don’t want to buy a whole bottle of cinnamon for Mom’s famous apple sauce or a jar of paprika for Grandma’s deviled eggs, so the full spice racks in each of our kitchens near Disney World mean families can whip up meals, including their favorites, with spices conveniently located on the counter.

2. Selection of Knives

Guests love that we provide a full knife set in each home, along with a sharpener. Sharp knives provides more control and less slippage. A full knife set, not just one or two knives, means paring, slicing and dicing are all easily possible.  We also provide several cutting boards and prep bowls to keep meats and vegetables separate, making food preparation safer for everyone.

Full knife sets and numerous cutting boards make meal prep easy and enjoyable at Gathering Houses near Disney.

3. Numerous Pots and Pans

Our guests comment about the large number of pots and pans we stock in each of our kitchens near Disney World. They often have a hungry crowd to feed, so a deep stock pot for pasta, a big saucepan for the marinara, and a couple huge skillets for the meatballs makes cooking for the masses a cinch! In addition, we have oven-safe casserole dishes, baking sheets, and microwaveable cookware.

At Gathering Houses near Disney we stock our kitchens with full pot sets in a variety of sizes.

4. Helpful Small Appliances & Tools

Guests are amazed at the variety of small appliances and tools we provide in our kitchens. We want all our guests to feel at home, so we stock electric kettles for our tea drinking friends, blenders for our smoothie makers, electric mixers for our bakers, slow cookers for our planners, and drip coffee makers for our java lovers. Cheese graters, potato peelers, wine openers and measuring cups/spoons are just some of the tools guests are impressed to find in our drawers.  They really appreciate the variety and convenience of what we offer and comment how easy it is to eat-in after a long day at the theme parks.

Our fully stocked kitchens near Disney World make meal prep a cinch at Gathering Houses near Disney.

5. Beautiful Dinnerware and Glasses

Finally, a lovingly prepared meal is less fun to eat on paper plates, plastic bowls, or chipped china. Our Gathering Houses near Disney kitchens are stocked for a beautiful presentation. Pretty white stoneware, stainless steel flatware, glassware of all shapes and sizes, and unique serving pieces will showcase all your hard work. We even have adorable Mickey Mouse plates for the little ones! Guests love these additional touches that makes our houses feel like home.

kitchens near Disney World
Shine Gathering House table gathers families for dinner.

I’d love to hear how much you’ve enjoyed one of our kitchens or one of another vacation rental! Tell us about it and share your photos!

I leave you with a tasty recipe for Moana inspired cupcakes. Plan to bake a batch with your littles when you stay at Gathering Houses near Disney. We have all the bakeware and tools you need!

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